Conservative News Sources

What follows below is a list of Conservative news sources put together by my friend Art Smith of Henry County, Tennessee. It is for your consideration.

Truly unbiased news is impossible. We Americans imagine that it is because we have been lied to for at least my entire life by a Leftist media that has declared itself objective and mainstream. I was a young man during the time of Tom Brokaw and I see now that even then this idea was nonsense.

News must have a slant because all news must be subject to editing by editors who all have their own worldview and perspective. No problem as long as they are honest up front. Like The Epoch Times.

Anyone that would ever find themselves at a blog like mine must be a seeker and ponderer and not a thoughtless Sheep registered to vote. My advice to you is to keep an eye on what the Leftist media is telling its Wolves and Carnivorous Sheep inside their information bubbles, but to get your news from and be influenced by reliable and openly Conservative sources.

And lastly, be positive. Though his people lose, God cannot and at the end of the day His will receive their reward. So like a good Greek of old, just grab the oar in front of you and pull. Leaders will emerge. Strategies will be developed. We will attack and our attack will be relentless. God will sift the rubble and carry His home.

M.C. Atkins

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News – conservative alternative to the Drudge Report – extensive news aggregation site – a streamlined version – a very basic news aggregation site – conservative news forum with thousands of subject matter experts

Original Reporting,,

COVID-19 – “Crucial Facts about Covid-19” article is updated regularly – extensive documentation/citations regarding COVID-19 from Swiss Policy Research

Search – simple search with relevant results without Google censorship/bias – Google algorithm results without the tracking – utilizes its own algorithm and is family-friendly – provides privacy protections mandated by European laws – customizable metasearch engine – highly secure metasearch engine utilizing the Tor network

Christianity – an amazing free downloadable resource for reading and studying the Holy Bible
Stand to Reason – Training Christians to clearly defend Biblical principles
Cross Examined – apologetics ministry and resources
Evidence for God – apologetics with an emphasis on science
Got Questions – though certainly not infallible or definitive, answers to thousands of questions are provided
Blue Letter Bible – tools for in-depth study of Scripture

Life – extensive scientific/medical documentation and analysis from the Christian Medical and Dental Association

American Government – includes the major founding documents and interesting facts and quotes – links to a variety of facts and resources from federal to local government

Education – extensive collection of objective facts on a variety of topics, including education – student-reported news from across the nation – college news and resources – Accuracy in Academia – an institution that provides a far superior education at a vastly lower cost than public schools

Homosexuality – extensive scientific/medical documentation and analysis from the Christian Medical and Dental Association – extensive network and resources
Americans for Truth About Homosexuality – defending against the radical homosexual agenda with positive resources

Immigration – Center for Immigration Studies provides news, analysis and resources

Islam – fact-based site examining the tenets of Islam and inherent threats – news and information regarding Islamist jihad – videos and articles regarding the fundamental tenets of Islam

Climate Change – world’s most viewed site on global warming and climate change – climate change debate education

Social Media Alternatives – rapidly becoming the primary conservative alternative to Twitter – unbiased alternative to Twitter – Facebook alternatives with millions of users and growing – video hosting sites

Hate Crimes – incidences of hate against Trump supporters – database of documented “hate crime” hoaxes – collation of news articles of Leftist hatred, violence and lunacy

Socialism – news and analysis regarding socialism

Government Debt, Spending and Taxes – continuously updated statistics – extensive collection of objective facts on debt, spending, taxes et al – government spending stats and data

Politics/Political Networks – issues-based scores for federal elected officials – highlights issues by candidate at the state and federal levels – data and tools regarding money in politics – tools to search for donations by individuals and candidates – reveals the web of Leftist money, individuals, and organizations – information regarding Leftist bias of corporations 

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