Why you must wear a mask… peasant

Full Disclosure: I stand with those that believe that while COVID is real, its danger has been wildly exaggerated and the numbers shamelessly cooked. I believe that COVID along with the riots and mail-in ballots was part of a grand strategic power-play by the Left to derail a post-1960’s counter attack by the Conservative movement strangely united by Trump and symbolised by his unexpected victory in 2016. That the Left was determined to at all cost get their train back on track. Progressivism must progress after all.

With that said, if 2020 has a symbol, it will clearly be the mask and I have below outlined what I believe are the reasons why some have worn them.

  • Some wear the mask because they are concerned about the spread of COVID or consider themselves to be particularly at risk.
  • Some wear the mask because of the human inclination to conform to the prevailing customs of their tribe.
  • Some wear the mask out of respect for the law or the feelings of others. My own wife is in this group. She had COVID, recovered easily, and is not worried about contracting or giving it to anyone. But neither does she want to make anxious those that believe wearing them is important.
  • Some wear the mask because some place they need to go requires them.
  • Some wear them as a fashion statement. Why not?
  • Some wear them as a political or ideological statement.

My first point pertains to this last group. The activists on the Left, be they the Wolf or the bleating Sheep understood what was at stake in 2020 and the Left’s grand strategy to reclaim federal institutional power.

They wear it as a sign of support, like a bumper sticker on a car. They are saluting the whole movement and declaring their support and who can blame them for rooting for their own team? I root for mine with my symbols.

My second point pertains to their masters, the Powers-That-Be on the Left, especially those in the bully pulpits or their priests in the media who cry out that we must wear them and would even mandate them by law. These educated people who are vastly more informed than the Sheep on the Left and so much closer to the Left’s central councils cant really believe that wearing a mask or standing 6′ apart can be effective in containing COVID which now appears to have struck vast numbers of Americans in spite of these precautions and the lockdowns.

No, for them the mask is the new doffing of the cap.

‘Doff, peasant! Salute your new lord.’

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M.C. Atkins

3 thoughts on “Why you must wear a mask… peasant”

  1. I have some sympathy with the middle reason, not wanting to cause offense to others. On the other hand, I won’t take responsibility for others’ lack of common sense. We are supposed to be an educated populace but the vast majority of people are not questioning “the mask,” just blindly following whatever decrees come down from above, whether from church or state.

    The mask is so clearly a means to control the public. It has nothing to do with preventing the spread of disease. Hand sanitizing is the most effective means of preventing the spread of viruses. While it may be acknowledged, it is not being enforced. Masks are easy to enforce; you have one on or you don’t. Effective hand sanitizing is not easy to enforce and most people do not wash their hands when they should.

    Last week when I went into a WalMart, I wanted to take a hand sanitizing wipe as I always do. The masked guards who were counting the people at the entrance had an iPad covering the wipes so I had to ask them to remove it. If WalMart really cared about stopping the spread of disease, they would hand everyone a sanitizing wipe as they entered.

    There is a sixth reason people will wear a mask which is to get something they need. In Tennessee, I have found no place I need to patronize that enforces wearing a mask as in, “You can’t do business here unless you wear a mask.” So, I don’t. But I have friends to the north who, in order to purchase groceries for their families, have to wear a mask. In this case, we are still free. We decide if it is for the good of our families to comply with this nonsensical mandate.


  2. Brother, understand this whole thing is a control effort. Whether or not you believe Bible prophecy or not here’s what’s going on. The COV-ID will ultimately control whether or not you can get food or even have a job before the end of 21. This whole thing is written about including the fact that 1/4 of the worlds population will die. The angels on the 4 poles of the earth will release such a death. I’ve heard about these events we are seeing happen since I was a child. It wasn’t by chance this has happened, it’s been an orchistrated plan.
    Go to full30.com and look for tactical toolbox and from the list of videos watch one called “A Slave New World”. The enlightenment will certainly open your eyes.


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