We’ve been losing the the war for over 200 years. Time for a major rethink, reset, and new war… so to speak. Think big, think long-term, and be optimistic Southern Man.

2020’s greatest gift to us will be the great awakening on the right that is occurring before our eyes. It is similar to the awakening of the 1960’s but with the impossible to underestimate benefit of 50 years of hindsight. That is, we can now see that those Americans that were warning us about Progressivism in the early days of the Cultural Revolution were in fact right, though only the most sagacious would have predicted abortion, women in combat, and so called gay marriage.

Now after fifty years of almost continuous victory our enemy has not only felt strong enough to reveal himself in 2020 but to also show us the degree to which he hates the country that we love.

Since the Cultural Revolution we have been too slow to react as were our ancestors that did not see the 1960’s coming and allowed it happen.

But the roots of the problems we face today in 2020-21 began far before the 1960’s, which was but the fruit of a work that put too simply may be said to have begun in the 1700’s and is known as the Enlightenment. The walls of common sense that gave way so rapidly 50 years ago did not do so because of the weight of the Left’s assault, but rather because they had for generations been undermined. They were ready to collapse.

What Conservatives must understand now is that since the conception the Republic we have contributed to the collapse of the 1960’s and the gilded dystopia that has emerged since. Our ancestors and we have aided in our own destruction because we have embraced the fundamental assumptions of the Enlightenment, namely an adoration of ideas such as Freedom, Equality, Individuality, Perfectibility, etc.

We so called Conservatives have just prepared and mixed the ingredients differently.

Thus we inevitably lose or find ourselves on the defensive because where Freedom, Equality, and, Individuality are worshipped by all to one degree or another, the Left will always have in its hand two unbeatable trump cards: Bread and Circuses.

We all to one extent or another are fighting in the ranks of the Left. Think how otherwise Conservative women give such a pass to Feminism, the evilest of all post-Enlightenment ideologies.

If we are going to stop Progressivism, we need to get off defence and get on offence. But we also need to fight to destroy it and can only do this if we acknowledge that we have not just lost a battle in 2020, but rather over the last 200 years, we have lost the war.

Time for a major rethink, reset, and new war… so to speak.

M.C. Atkins

3 thoughts on “We’ve been losing the the war for over 200 years. Time for a major rethink, reset, and new war… so to speak. Think big, think long-term, and be optimistic Southern Man.”

  1. I’ve lived in the bootheel of Missouri for 38 years now. I’ve heard “the south shall rise again” for all 38 years. Now is the time to rise and repair the damage done. But who can lead, who will lead, who will pull the people together to act as one ? Who ?
    Am I even on the right track here ?

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    1. You are in the ballpark for sure. What now and who will lead. I for one do not know but you are not alone and there a massive discontent is growing. Something is going to happen. If you haven’t already please subscribe to my blog. I’m fairly well plugged into the broader movement. FYI, my wife’s people are from Dexter.

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  2. Excellent analysis, Mark. What troubles me most about the future of our country is there appears to be no one who can lead us out of this. It’s not only impossible to elect good leaders because the electorate consists of masses of uneducated government dependents, but It doesn’t seem our country is even capable of producing good leaders.

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