About Look Away, and My View on the Black Man…

There are three great crimes in the South: murder, being rude, and putting yourself forward. The first will get you hung, the latter two will leave you ostracised and friendless.  

I haven’t murdered anyone yet and I am as friendly as can be. I am however going to violate the third by daring to put myself forward and speak as though I have authority. 

My intention is to speak directly to the people of my county, the best county in the best state of Dixie and consequently the best place in world! I speak of course of Henry County, Tennessee (pop. 30,000).  If other Southerners, Americans, or Westerners want to follow along, I’ll be tickled.  

I do not enjoy ruffling the feathers of my fellow Henry Countians or Southerners generally, but it must be done.  

We live in one of those times when entrenched ideas and powers have blinded the people to such an extent that ordinary men such as myself may assume an exceptional power, namely, the ability to cry out ‘The king has no clothes!’

In my view the paramount problem in the West is our wholesale abandonment of a common sense understanding of basic human nature and its replacement by a Progressive Trinity…

And we pray all these things in the name of our lords Equality, Freedom, and Individuality.  Amen.

I love the South and want to see my people strong and secure. But until we put honourable and useful notions like equality, freedom, and individuality back in their place, and re-root ourselves to the Immovable, then all is vain. We will continue to remain a few decades behind New England, the West Coast, and all the other rotting parts of America.  

If 2020 can’t snap us out of our high calorie, remote-control, joystick, mobile-device stupor then may God in heaven save the remnant because we as a people are done.  

So, pull your head out of your sand Southern man! Let’s change the way we look at the world, help those around us to do the same, reorganise, and then with cracking whips drive Progressivism back to hell.  

Not for ourselves, but for our great-grandchildren, ’cause this ass-whoopin’ is gonna take a while.  

M.C. Atkins

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P.S. As I am unapologetically pro-South, and as the relationship between the Southerner of European stock and the Southerner of African stock is central to our history, and remains highly controversial today, I want to state clearly my position on the black son of the South. If I fail to do so please comment and I’ll try to clarify.

The African is an organic part of the South and therefor Southern culture. He is the third aboriginal people of the South, the second being the British colonists, and the first being the long subsumed Indians.

Southern culture is good, dynamic, and worth cultivating, in particular because it remains a bastion of Western Christendom and bulwark against Enlightenment philosophy.

It is my desire to see a long term reconciliation between the white and black sons of the Old South, based on a common sense understanding of human nature, an acknowledgement that God must in fact exist, and a belief that Jesus Christ was and is now in fact this God.

I believe that thus united the South will see a great renaissance. That in a spirit of mutual respect and aid, we will arise shining and strong, at least for a short age, from the filth of the modern world that is choking both our peoples alike.

My $.02.

5 thoughts on “About Look Away, and My View on the Black Man…”

  1. I wholeheartedly agree with your observations. What to do? We must begin with ourselves, refusing to comply with unjust orders, mandates, and “strong encouragements” which offend our dignity as humans.

    In 1979, while visiting Poland which was then in the midst of Communist control, Pope St. John Paul said: “Do not be afraid to insist on your rights. Refuse a life based on lies and double-thinking.” He spoke of a “moral revulsion against a way of life which forces people to conceal their true selves . . . to live a life of compulsory pretense.”


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